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RYA Stage 2


Course Details

The RYA Stage 2 course has a more in-depth knowledge and enhances practical skills for juniors aged 8-18. It is expected that juniors have completed their RYA Stage 1 before embarking on the Stage 2. This course is perfect for juniors who have some basic understanding of sailing and wish to expand their knowledge and skills

Our qualified RYA Instructors work to the RYA Youth Sailing Scheme, so you can be sure your child is receiving a nationally recognised and accredited qualification.



Course Cost

£100 per person
£250 per person for RYA Stage 1 & 2

All participants must be a member of Aylesbury Sailing Club before booking

Course Duration

2 Days (9am – 5pm total of 16 Hours)
5 Days (9am – 5pm total of 40 Hours)


Aylesbury Sailing Club, Weston Turville

Theory Knowledge Covered

The Five Essentials
Parts of the boat and sail – how do they work?
Sail and Foil Controls
Knots (Figure of 8, Round turn and two half hitches, cleating, reef knot, bowline, clove hitch and rolling hitch)
Clothing and Equipment
Meteorology including Beaufort Scale and when to reef


Student to Instructor Ratio

Maximum 9:1
With current COVID Guidelines and restrictions indoors this is currently limited to 6:1

Included in the cost

RYA Youth Logbook and Certificate upon successful completion

Sailing Challenges

Mini Race
Label the Boat Race
Sail a Triangular Course with no Centre/Daggerboard
Box Course – Don’t get pushed out!
Cork and Duck Race!

Practical Skills Taught

Rigging and Launching independently
The Five Essentials – Sail Setting, Balance, Trim, Course made Good and Centreboard
Triangular Course
Tacking Upwind
Coming Alongside a Moored Boat
Picking up a Mooring
Man overboard
Manoeuvring the boat in the compound
Launching and Recovering a Boat in any wind direction
Start Racing

How to Book

To book onto any of the dates shown below please email aylesburysailingclubcourses@gmail.com to confirm spaces first, once spaces are confirmed please complete the registration form, along with making payment.

Once you have received email confirmation of your booking and the joining instructions you are able to attend on your selected date.