RYA Stage 2 & 3


31st July – 3rd August 2019 (9am – 5pm) 6 Spaces Available

The Stage 2 & 3 course is designed teach juniors who have completed their Stage 1 how to sail independently and be confident on the water in most safe conditions. They will understand how different parts effect the boat and the beginnings of racing.

Over the course of six days you will cover the following:


The Five Essentials
Parts of the boat and sail – how do they work?
Sail and Foil Controls
Knots (Figure of 8, Round turn and two half hitches, cleating, reef knot, bowline, clove hitch and rolling hitch)
Clothing and Equipment
Meteorology including Beaufort Scale and when to reef


Rigging and Launching independently
The Five Essentials – Sail Setting, Balance, Trim, Course made Good and Centreboard
Triangular Course
Tacking Upwind
Coming Alongside a Moored Boat
Picking up a Mooring
Man overboard
Manoeuvring the boat in the compound
Launching and Recovering a Boat in any wind direction
Start Racing 


Mini Race
Label the Boat Race
Sail a Triangluar Course with no Centre/Daggerboard
Box Course – Don’t get pushed out!
Cork and Duck Race!