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Dinghy Classes.


Due to the size of water (and lease) we do restrict the size of dinghy

No class of dinghy greater than 15ft. No Asymmetric and/or Bowsprit. No Trapeze. No Wings. (Moth/Blaze etc.)

Currently the most popular classes of boat raced are: Laser, GP14, Solo.

Specifically aimed at the junior sailor we have the Topper, Optimist, RS Feva, Topaz and Pico.


The start of the 2017 Spring Series will see changes to the Fleets and Fleet starting times.

Start 1.    11.00 Laser Class

Start 2     11.03 Solo

Start 3     11.06 GP14 / Handicap fleet.


The current fleet consists of sailors of all age ranges, but is still very competitive. As of the beginning of 2017 fleet  numbers seems to be on the increase.


The current fleet is seeing a rapid rise in numbers,and like the Laser consists of all age ranges.

The Solo has been awarded fleet status for 2017.


The GP has remains a popular class within the club, as it has done for over 40 years at Aylesbury.

Sadly the current fleet has seen a decline in its racing numbers, but for those still racing its remains friendly, competitive and second to none with their hospitality off the water.

The Handicap fleet is for boats not awarded individual class status. Currently the fleet consists of Comet, Europe, Mirror and Toppers.

From the start of 2017 the GP14 fleet will start and race with the Handicap Fleet.


Please note the following restrictions will be applied…

  • Optimists shall not be permitted to sail during Sunday racing
  • On Sundays, outside of racing, Optimists and training Oppis may be sailed at the discretion of the OOD
  • Picos shall be permitted to race within the handicap class.
  • RS Fevas shall only be permitted to sail at the club without the use of a bowsprit or asymmetric spinnaker
  • Topaz shall mean the Uno Single Sail, Uno Race single handed, Uno plus two with jib and Uno race plus 2 man with Jib. Topaz shall only be permitted to sail at the club without the use of a bowsprit or asymmetric spinnaker
  • The Fevas and Topaz shall be permitted to race within the handicap class.

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