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When can I sail?You can sail at pretty much any time.
During organised racing, cruising is at the discretion of the Race Officer
Optimists are not allowed during racing
Juniors must to be supervised by a parent/guardian
Can I use the Clubhouse?Yes – members are given the key code
Can I use the Club boats?Yes any competent member can book and use the club boats at no charge.
We have an online first come first served booking system
Boats will not be available during the Youth Group Sailing on Sunday afternoon and while courses are bring run.
How does the Club work?We are a member’s club, run by the members for the members, and so you will need to do at least one “duty” each year.
Duties include: race duties, support for Saturday sailing, help with the Youth Group and club maintenance
Duties are co-ordinated using “DutyMan” software: you get to sign up for a duty (or duties) to suit you.
Can I join in the racing?Yes, there is official racing on Sundays from April to November (and casual racing after that) and on Wednesday evenings when there is enough light. Racing is keen, but not officious.
Can I berth my own boat at the club?Yes – there is a small fee for berthing and it is obligatory to have 3rd party insurance cover for your boat at all times.
What does it Cost?
2022Annual SubJoining Fee

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