The Clubhouse


Members are free to use the club at anytime. The code on the lock is changed regularly and all members are notified when it changes. Please keep the code private and don’t share it on any social media.


There is a central power switch in the ladies’ changing room, on the partition between changing and showers. Use the big red SWITCH.

Please ensure the central power is switched OFF if you are last to leave

There is also a time switch with a blue neon light for each of the changing room heaters. Pressing this light will turn on the heater and the light will go out. This will give you 30 minutes of the heater working before it will start to flash and then turn off. Pressing the button while the heaters are working will start the light flashing and after 1 minute the heater will turn off. The button can be pressed again once the blue light stops flashing if further heating is required.


There is a first aid kit on the shelf on the back wall (opposite the French windows) and a defibrillator in the disabled toilet. Should you be involved in an accident please enter the details in the accident book (near the first aid)

Tea and Coffee

Supplies of tea and coffee are available in the kitchen area; there may be milk in the fridge – sniffing prior to use, highly recommended. Do clean up after – we don’t run to maid service. If you find anything missing, please let us know

Sail Store

The first rack off the floor is reserved for the club boats. Members are free to use the other racks for detachable sails etc. There are buoyancy aids here too for use by members.

Last Out – checklist

  • Power off
  • Clubhouse locked
  • Mowers away
  • Race hut and support boats locked
  • Gates across jetties closed (to minimize goose droppings)
  • Anything odd?
  • Lock main gate