Youth Group

The Club’s view

From May to September (with a break for the school summer hols) from 15:00 to 17:00, we provide an informal coaching session. It’s not formal training, but they do learn a lot, while having fun. We don’t have any age limits, but activities are geared for 12-14 year olds, and are unlikely to be suitable for the under 9s.

As this is not formal training it is a requirement that each junior is supervised by a parent/guardian, or someone acting on their behalf.

There is no charge, no need for sailing experience, but participants must be comfortable in (sometimes cold) water. Parents/guardians are asked to help where possible.

What to bring:

  • Shoes that won’t come off – neoprene sailing boots are best- but trainers you don’t mind getting wet are fine.
  • Wetsuit – recommended but not essential
  • Towel and change of clothing- staying dry is highly improbable
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and hat – reflection from the water increases the risk of sunburn
  • Buoyancy aid if you have one – we will provide if not.

All sporting activities carry some element of risk, and you will be asked to indemnify the Club in the event of an injury to your child.

The group is run by Kevin Rivett

A Youthful View

Our afternoon starts with rigging our boat; we’re getting used to that and even remembering the proper names for some of the bits. After a briefing we launch the boats – this is when we see if we rigged it right – there’s always someone who forgot to put the bungs in! -not us of course 🙂

Then we follow Kevin around the lake while we wait for everyone to get there. Then we do a bit of practice of our boating skills. Then the fun starts!

We play some games usually involving rubber ducks, and avoiding young boys with large water pistols. ( Editor’s note: It takes skill to pick up a 2 inch duck in the middle of the lake.)

We usually capsize at the end of the session both wet and dry. Most people end up soggy especially in the summer. Capsizing can be a bit scary at first, but everybody ends up loving it.