Club Boats

ASC has a number of boats that can be used for free by members. Members may book boats at Users (or their parent/guardian for Juniors) will need a login. If you change your mind, please cancel the booking. Boats will not be available during the Youth Group Sailing on Sunday afternoon and while courses are being run.


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The optimist is sailed by over 160,000 sailors in over 100 countries, and is the only internationally endorsed dinghy for juniors, and is probably the most popular racing dinghy in the world for juniors.

They are excellent for kids to learn to sail in, as they are a centre main boat, and kids can easily transfer into a race rigged Topper or a Laser when they are older and too big to fit in the optimist anymore. Optimists are a gaff rigged boat, and are simple and easy to rig.

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Laser Pico

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The Laser Pico was designed and built for family fun, it is an excellent stable platform for learning to sail while also being a fun boat in a strong breeze for someone with more experience. The great thing about the Laser Pico is that it can be sailed by a wide range of ages and abilities. The boat is easy to handle, quick to rig and has space in the boat with a high boom so even the biggest adults can learn to sail in the boat.

The Pico can be set up to sail single handed, or with up to three people if required. The jib easily hoists and clips on to give a little bit of extra turbo and to provide the crew with a job on the boat.

If you’re looking to learn to sail then you won’t be disappointed by a Laser Pico. You’ll struggle to find a sailing centre which doesn’t have a fleet of Laser Picos, with their durable hull they are hard wearing and almost indestructible.

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RS Quba

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The RS Quba is a suitable dinghy for introducing newcomers to the sport of sailing, but is also a good boat to race. The cockpit is spacious but is also light enough to be handled by children.  It is ideal to teach the youngsters, cruise around or race whilst the mainsail has an easy reefing system and a jib can be added for sailing with two people. 

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RS Vision

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The RS Vision is the perfect all-round family sailboat: Easy handling and sparkling performance, tough and virtually maintenance free, with a fully self-draining cockpit. A boat that is roomy, stable and great to sail, as a trainer, cruiser and club racer for young and old.  This capable, multi-purpose boat is no stranger to club-level racecourses, beach launchings and landings, raft-ups, or learn-to-sail outings with friends and family members. It features a single-line reefing mainsail and furling jib, should the wind unexpectedly gather pressure

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