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Box day – News Years Day

Boxing day race

Autumn Points Overall

Autumn Class Overall

Autumn Points R11

Autumn Class R12


Autumn Points R10

Autumn Class R11

Autumn Points R9

Autumn Class R10

Autumn Points R8

Autumn Class R9

Autumn Class R8

Autumn Points R7


Autumn Class R6 and R7

Autumn Points R6

Autumn Points R4 and R5

Autumn Class R5

Autumn Points R3

Autumn Clas R3 and R4

Autumn Class R1 and R2

Autumn Points R1 and R2

Commodores Cup and Commodores Trophy (Juniors)


Summer Points Overall

Summer Class Overall

Summer Points R14 and R15

Summer Class R15

Bart’s Bash 2017

Fleet Team Race

Wednesday Evening Series Overall

Summer Class R13 and R14

Summer Points R12 and R13


Wednesday Evening R18

Summer Points R10 and R11

Summer Class R12

Wednesday Evening R15

Summer Points R9 (v2)

Summer Class R10 and R11 (v2)

Wednesday Evening R14

Ladies Day Overall

Wednesday Evening Series R13

Summer Class R8 & R9

Summer Points R7 & R8

Wednesday Evening Series R12


Summer Points R6

Summer Class R6 & R7

Wednesday Evening R11

Patterson Pursuit

Wednesday Evening Series R10

Summer Class R5

Summer Points R4 and R5

Wednesday Evening Series R9

Summer Points R3

Summer Class R3 and R4

Summer Class R1 and R2

Summer Points R1 and R2


Wednesday Evening Series R8

Spring Class Overall

Spring Points Overall

Wednesday Evening Series R7

Wednesday Evening Series R6

21st Trophy Overall


Wednesday Evening Series R3

Milburn Pursuit 2017


Wednesday Evening Series R1

St Georges Trophy

James Clifton – Easter Trophy

Spring Trophy Overall


Presidents Trophy Overall


First start 11.00. 

See programme for further details.


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