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All non-members:
There is currently no plan to run any courses throughout the summer holidays, as our instructors are volunteers they have given up almost every weekend since the beginning of the season to complete RYA Stage 1, 2 and 3 along with RYA Level 1 and 2.
Please accept our appologies for the inconvience this may cause, however we hope you can understand that our instructors time is valuable.

We are hoping to run more courses in 2018, with the first being during the Easter Holidays. Please do not contact about courses until after Christmas 2017, as your enquiry will not be processed.

For more information please go to the Members Area as our courses are not open to non-members.

We are able to hold the following RYA courses.

RYA Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4

These courses are mainly designed for young people, however this is not limited to just Juniors. Adults are able to do these courses if they feel they need to break down the levels a bit more to understand and process everything.
Stage One is designed for no to very little sailing experience
Stage Two is designed to help sailors feel more confident on the water.
Stage Three is to develop skills so they can sail on their own without aid
Stage Four is aimed to push sailors to think about the advanced modules

RYA Level 1, 2 and 3

These courses are more focused to adults as they don’t break the learning down as much. They are more intensive courses.
Level One is designed for no to very little sailing experience
Level Two is designed to help you feel more confident on the water and sail without aid
Level Three is designed to push your understanding and progress to the advanced levels

RYA Seamanship Skills

Seamanship skills are key skills to help with Sea Sailing. Within this course you look at Man-Over-Board Recovery, Mooring, Anchoring, Chart Navigation and Coming Alongside. This course is designed for experienced sailors to enhance their skills.

RYA Spinnaker Sailing

Spinnaker Sailing is designed if you want to sail double handed boats. We offer Symmetric Spinnaker training as our site does not accommodate Asymmetric Spinnakers.

Any queries please contact us using the form bellow.